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About Me.

Python Developer/Structural Civil Engineer

I’m passionate about software development, engineering solutions, and innovative thinking.

- 6 years of professional experience as a Structural and Civil Engineer in high-voltage substations and power plants.

- 1 year of CAE software development experience, from initial design, to implementation, and to testing.

Specialties: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Software Development, Structural and Civil Engineer

Fields of intrest: Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Natural Computing, Robotic techniques for smart infrastructure

Personal Information


Backend Programmer

Web Development

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My Resume


  • Computer Engineer

    Behsan Group Sina Engineers Company
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran
    • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to develop software solutions for structural analysis, leveraging a strong understanding of engineering principles and programming languages such as Python and C++.
    • Assisted in the design and implementation of a new algorithm for optimizing structural designs, resulting in a 20% reduction in material costs.
    • Conducted performance testing and debugging to ensure the reliability and efficiency of software applications.
    • Participated in code reviews, providing valuable insights and suggestions to enhance overall code quality.
    • Actively contributed to the development of user-friendly interfaces and documentation to support seamless software integration and facilitate end-user understanding.


    • Developed a web-based application for structural load analysis, incorporating interactive visualizations and real-time calculations.
    • Created a Python script to automate repetitive tasks in structural design, reducing manual effort by 50% and improving overall efficiency.
    • Led a team project to design and build a small-scale computer cluster, demonstrating proficiency in hardware configuration and networking principles.
    NOW 2022
  • Head of Civil and Structural Engineering

    NIROO Consulting Engineers Co
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran

    Following roles in five domestic and international projects including Sardargan 230/63/20kV Substation, Aligudarz 230kV Power Plant Substation, and Koohdasht 400kV Power Plant Substation:

    • Developed execution plans, optimized processes, and gathered requirements for industrial structures.
    • Implemented quality assurance/quality control procedures for steel and reinforced concrete structures.
    • Boosted team velocity and achieved a 95% success rate in meeting deadlines.
    2022 2021
  • Head of Civil and Structural Engineering

    Trans Post Pars Company
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran

    Managed key projects, including Hasan Abad 230/63kV Modular Substation and Foolad Khuzestan 33/11kV Substation.

    • Programmed analytical methods using Python to identify improvement opportunities.
    • Prepared technical specifications and performed feasibility studies for structural engineering projects.
    2021 2019
  • Senior Civil and Structural Engineering

    Persian Sazeh Parto Company
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran

    Notable projects include Persian golf 132/11kV Substation, Ghotb abad 132/33kV Power Plant Substation, Kharazi 63kV Substation, Shahriar 63kV Substation, and Ardakan 63kV Substation

    • Provided full-time workshops and technical support, ensuring accurate implementation of drawings.
    • Designed complex structural and foundation drawings for various projects.
    • Reduced costs by 10% through effective management of design elements.
    2019 2016

Education & Training

  • Master's degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

    Tarbiat Modares University
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran
    2019 2016
  • Bachelor's degree in Scientific-Applied Civil Engineering, Hydraulic structures

    Shahid Beheshti University
    City: Tehran
    Country: Iran
    2015 2010

    | Programming Languages: Python, C++
    | Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (node.js) , react
    | Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
    | Data Analysis: SQL, Excel
    | Software Tools: AutoCAD, SAP2000, MATLAB

    now 2018

    | Mother tongue(s): Persian
    | Other language(s): English-B2, IELTS Overall:6

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